Online Self Defence



Create a public service campaign encouraging vigilance against online bank fraud.


Most cybercrime communications present bank fraud as something to be feared. We wondered if it would be more effective to take a positive approach.


 A new concept: Online Self Defence. The face of the campaign: Marc, an eccentric ‘Online Self Defence Instructor’. His drill-sergeant-style chant ‘Hang Op! Klik Weg! Bel Uw Bank!’ (Hang up, Click away, Call your bank) became the most recognizable part of the campaign. A TV spot drove viewers to a Safe Banking website, where they could learn more, test their online self-defence skills, and watch Marc’s TV show, “Secrets of Online Self Defence”.


 A dramatic drop in cyber fraud figures, down from 473 reported cases with a combined damage of 1.27 million euro in 2014, to just 106 cases for a total of 147k euro in 2014.