Create a premium that lets Bavaria claim Carnaval - a gigantic annual street costume party across the South of the Netherlands. 

Each town in the region elects a 'Prince Carnaval' - an honorary mayor who wears a ludicrous costume, carries a scepter, and oversees festivities. Astonishingly, no brand had thought to claim this figure as their own.

The Bavaria Beer Scepter - a sparkling, light-up, oversize beer holder that lets everyone 'Drink like a Prince'. We boosted it with a host of crazy stunts including a giant inflatable scepter at a local football stadium, and a pop song written by local novelty hitmakers The Gebroeders Ko.

Sell-out success for the scepter. The tune 'Drink Like A Prince' makes it to the Top 20 in the Dutch charts, tormenting the entire agency for months.

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Bavaria Bar PostersBavaria Bar Posters
Giant Beer ScepterGiant Beer Scepter