I grew up in Cape Town. 
Finished school.
Studied a bit of photography. 
Moved to England at age 18. 
Worked as a chef at THE ORIGINAL Hard Rock cafe.
Cooking for celebrities such as Tom Delonge (Blink 182), 
Johnny Knoxville & Ringo Starr. 
Got a job at a One Hour Photo Lab. Which was really interesting. Beside the fact that i was working with some really potent chemicals, i got a glimpse into the lives of the residents from Covent Garden. Some really weird sh*%#. 
Moved up north to the Lake district for a year. 
Worked as a housekeeper, cleaning hotel rooms. 
The good thing about doing a brainless job like this is that it gives you 
ample time to work on your poetry. 

Moved back to Cape Town (2 years later) and started some serious studying. Graduated top of my class at AAA school of advertising with a diploma in Art Direction and a Batchelors degree in 'god knows what'.
That same year our school was recognised as most awarded school in the world by Luerzers Archive.
Thanks to that, and a few awards, i got a job at an ad agency in Amsterdam. Jumped around from agency to agency until finally i settled at Twofish.

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